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Wednesday, April 11

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    Wikispaces has announced it is closing
    in July. At this point in time the information on this site will not be relocated and theThis site will
    in July. I will be relocatingFor those who use my other wikis I've relocated and updatingupdated content forfrom my Westmontwiki and lhoulewiki . Stay tuned if you use,while carrying over just the decades resources from my other sites for a relocation announcement or check on Twitter - @SLMS1970. Since there are still many visitorsWestmontwiki, to themy new site please contact me thru wikispaces - wjhmedia - and touch base with me as to how I can be of help since you are still using my material.L. Houle's Ed Tools at .
    Sandy Fun Wiki: a Wiki Sandbox for Educators
    While many wikis create a single sandbox page for members to practice 'wikiwork', I've found it preferable to create a sandbox wiki where more than one teacher, librarian, or student can practice their wiki skills at a time. While this wiki has been created for ICE COLD mini-conferences it's fuller purpose is to provide a place for educators to introduce themselves to wikis and practice new found skills. If you are an educator please ask to join this wiki. Let me know, if you would, your grade level, subject area and state. Then create a wiki page, practice with various elements and have fun giving Wikispaces a try. If you know other interested teachers or librarians pass on the link to Sandy Fun Wiki. Every so often I will clean up the wiki site deleting older pages to keep the site fresh and inviting.
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