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  • When locating images do not use thumbnails from the search page, go to the originating site.
  • Locate the original image (from an acceptable source) and take down documentation for bibliographic purposes.
  • To save an image follow these procedures.

  1. Right click on the image and select Save Image As. In the pop up box navigate to a folder on your network, computer, or external drive where you can store all your wiki pictures.
  2. In the File Name section at the bottom of the pop up box rename your image to easily identify it as yours so it will not be copied over.
    (Suggest when working with students that they identify an image with their firstnamelastinitial_image name or something similar. This naming procedure prevents the page name from being duplicated by different people with the same term and limits full name of students under 13 from appearing on the web. Be sure to set your policy before work begins on a wiki.)
  3. Click Save.

Bibliographic information collected:
Picture title: Houle_sesamestreetfriends.jpg
Web Site Title: Sesame Street History
Publisher or Sponsor: Children's Classics
Date: 2012
Date Viewed: 1 September 2012

NOTE: Internet Explorer requires you to locate the URL for an image on a web page, not through an image search, to right click on the image, then click on Properties, then highlight and copy the image URL.

Right Click to Properties Box

Highlight and copy URL