Sandyfun Wiki

Mrs. Houle's Literacy Students Periods 5-6

Follow the steps below to create a page where you can practice creating a heading; formatting text; finding, saving and uploading a picture; and creating a link.

  1. In the navigation column on the left, click on the plus sign next to Pages and Files
  2. In the New page dialog box:
    Give your page a title following these rules:
    • your first name last initial_state
      (Note: Do not use spaces in your page names, use underscore or run words together.)
    • Add tags for your page including your state, period, and decade.
  3. Using the link below locate information about one of our 50 states.
  4. Your wiki page is to include the following:
    • Title (Heading in color, italicized and centered)
    • 2 sentences
      • The first sentence incorporates a fact about your state‚Äôs flag.
      • The second states the information can be found at
    • Picture of your state's flag.
    • Link text to the originating website of your flag image in sentence 2.

50 State Flags

Right click on the image or URL below and open the link in a new tab. This will make the navigation between the wiki and the state page easier!


Please click here to submit your page for a grade.