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Lesson: Create a State Page Using External Image URLS

To experience Wikispaces try this lesson which will give you practice in creating a wikipage, formatting text, locating information for content, inserting an external image, and working with widgets.
This lesson works in Firefox or Chrome. A separate lesson has been created for working with Internet Explorer (IE).

Following the instructions below create a state page that will include:
  • Title (Heading in color, italicized and centered)
  • 2 sentences
    • The first sentence incorporates a fact about your state’s flag.
    • The second states the information can be found at
  • Picture of your state's flag.
  • Link to the originating website of your flag image in sentence 2.
To see the final look of a state page click here.

Editor Toolbar

Step by Step Instructions
Create New Page | Select State Flag | Insert External Image | Sentences
  1. To make it convenient to work between these instructions and you state page click on External Image Method under Lessons by Image Methods in the left column.
    A new tab will open up so you can move back and forth between your state page and the lesson instructions. Don't close any tabs until your lesson is done.
  2. Click back on the first tab (Sandyfunwiki - home).
  3. Create a new page
    • Click on the Plus (+) next to Pages and Files in the blue Navigation Column
    • Enter page name – firstname last initial_state with no spaces between words. i.e. LindaH_Illinois.
      (Naming procedure suggested prevents the page name from being duplicated by different people with the same term and limits full name of students under 13 from appearing on the web.) Add 3 different tags for locating your new page.
    • Click Create
  4. Creating a state page heading
    • Type then highlight state name
    • Select a Heading Level on the Editor Toolbar drop down list.
    • Click on Text Editor Houle_text_button.jpgand select font, color and alignment.
    • Click Apply Styles
    • Italicize title.
  5. Click on the link to open a new tab.
  6. Choose your state.
  7. Right click on the image of the state's flag and click on Copy Image Location .
  8. Insert External Image
    • On your wiki page click on FileHoule_file_icon.jpg
    • Click on External Image and paste the URL in the box and click on Load.
      A picture appears below the address box. Click on the picture.
  9. Adjust image properties
    • In File Properties box select alignment
    • To resize click plus or minus signs
  10. Write a sentence about your flag, changing its appearance with text tools.
  11. Add an additional sentence stating that the original information and picture can be found on
    • Return to your 50states flag page and copy the page URL in the address bar
    • Highlight in your second sentence
    • Click Link Houle_link_icon.jpg
    • Select Web Address
    • Paste copied 50states URL
    • Click Add Link.
  12. Save your wiki page
  13. To edit again click on Edit at the top of the page.