Sandyfun Wiki

Inserting Images
You have two options for inserting images on a wiki page - insert an uploaded saved image or insert an external image by providing a URL.

Inserting Saved Images

  1. Click on the File
  2. Find and click on your image in the middle of the screen making sure it is the image and the file name you saved.
    Houle_uploaded file.jpg
  3. For earlier uploaded files, change My Recent Uploads to Images.
  4. Your image and it's properties window will appear on your page. Set alignment, click the minus or plus to increase your picture proportionately and give a caption if desired.

Inserting an External Image

  1. On the page your image is located, right click and click on Copy Image Location. (Be sure to take down bibliographic information.)
  2. On your wiki page click on FIle
  3. Click on External Image and paste the image location in the box. Click on Load. A picture appears below the address box.
  4. Click on the image to place it on your page.

Bibliographic Format

A bibliographic entry would appears below the picture.

Houle_sesamestreetfriends.jpg." Sesame Street History.Children's Classics. 2012 Web.
1 September 2012. <>