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Formatting Instructions

Indent Right

  1. To indent a paragraph, locate the cursor at the beginning of your paragraph.
  2. Click on the Widget icon.
  3. Select Wikispaces/Contents of a Wiki Page.
  4. Begin typing HTML and select from the list HTML_p_indent.
  5. Click on Embed Page.
  6. The grey include page icon appears at the beginning of your paragraph.

  7. To indent all other paragraphs just copy and paste the icon each time you need to indent.

         By placing that page at the beginning of your paragraph it will automatically be indented. To continue indenting other paragraphs, just copy the include page greyed icon and paste it in front of each paragraph.

Hanging Indent

  1. To create a hanging indent for a bibliography, locate the cursor at the beginning of your citation.
  2. Following the above instructions but select HTML_p_hang.
  3. Complete the process as explained above to indent.
  4. Copy and paste the include page icon before each of your citations.

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How to Indent Video